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Subscribe to LOST ART, a newsletter devoted to creative work by dead women. Also the unfamous, underappreciated, and/or overlooked among the living. Fanaticism for the unfashionable, the not-now, the un-urgent, the never-heard-of-it.

LOST ART is a collage of the personal, historical, the aleatory, and the enduring, best read in a quiet, unhurried pocket of your day. Recommended for fans of The Second ShelfBow Down, junk stores, hidden doors, diaries, letters from friends and strangers, flotsam, library archives, snooping, and matriarchal utopias.

“It is a joy to be hidden,” wrote Donald Winnicott, “and a disaster not to be found.” 


LOST ART is a monthly Look what I found love letter. Subscribe here.

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