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You'd like to work together on your writing.

I am available for one-on-one consultations, instruction, and manuscript feedback.


My approach is based on curiosity and a growth-mindset. The writing itself can and should be a joy, and this view is central to my instruction. I’m interested in bringing forward psychological and emotional resonance in writing through detailed imagery and precise language, guided by an intuitive process of discovery. I believe praise is as important as constructive criticism; a writer needs to know what her strengths are so she can continue to develop and play with them. I look for opportunities where a piece can grow and expand into the next version of itself.


If this sounds like your jam, email me at for rates.

Client testimonials

"I can't tell you how much fun I'm having with writing this week. Not to be dramatic but my life has been completely transformed?! The knock-on effect on my mood and my motivation and even my patience in parenting is really noticeable. I'm amazed and delighted and so, so grateful to you."

"I felt super lucky to take this class, and feel like I learned so much, not only from the class, but how you led it, and presented your feedback. I felt like you as a teacher set the bar high for how thoughtfully and carefully you approached each one of the pieces, especially when it came to concrete, creative ways of expanding on what was there. I felt pushed and inspired to think about not just what was already there, but what else could be there."

"Sarah's workshops are fruitful, thoughtful, encouraging, and stimulating. From the assigned readings to the generative prompts and lively discussions, one comes away feeling refreshed and invigorated not only to write and read, but to make writing an important part of one's daily routine. I'm grateful to her for helping me to feel alive and curious again."