How may I help you?

You'd like to work together on your writing.

Super! I love working with writers at all stages of the creative process. Whether you have a finished draft you're ready to receive feedback on, are applying to MFA programs or need accountability and support in your writing practice, these one-on-one sessions are customized to help you grow creatively wherever you are in the work. I am experienced in all genres but have a special place in my heart for memoir and personal essay. Small groups more your thing? I periodically run workshops. Email me to stay in the loop. 

You'd like me to give a reading, talk, or run a workshop.

Great! In craft talks, readings, and q&a's I have all manner of things to say about grief, pleasure, memory, writing from the body, the wisdom of emotion, Jung & image-creation, granting ourselves permission to write, sensory writing, love in all its forms, the lives of ordinary women, the feminist act of telling stories, and a hundred other things. Few things make me happier than sitting at a round table with other writers for a generative or discussion-based workshop session.

You have something else in mind.

Exciting! Drop me a line at