A creative writing group for moms*

Thursdays, 9:30-11am PST on Zoom

September 29, October 6, 13, 20, 27 & November 3 

Limited to 8 participants



And/And/And is a defined space (in digital fabric) and time (in your calendar) with a loosey-goosey interior. This is by design: the needs and desires of our group will shape how our time together unfolds. 


A basic structure gives us room to improvise. Each week presents a theme related to motherhood. We’ll read, write, talk, and listen to each other think and process around those themes. We’ll look at some writing by others about the experience of motherhood, including (perhaps) Julia Kristeva, Clare Vaye Watkins, Kimiko Hahn, Audre Lorde, and Grace Paley. And we'll use our reading and conversation as springboards for in-class writing. In these shared processes, we will witness, support, encourage, and stimulate each other in our creative lives as art-makers and human-raisers. Our goal is to reserve time and space for these twin identities, both of which are at once undervalued and vital. 


This is not a traditional workshop in which we critique each other’s writing, reading and responding to work outside of workshop. The time commitment is the meetings themselves, during which we expect and welcome the realities of family life. Outside "homework," including readings and writing prompts, is always optional. During our time together, you can expect to begin at least a half-dozen new pieces, deepen your thinking, and connect meaningfully with others. Writing is shared not for critique but for encouragement.


This workshop is especially well-suited to those who are feeling artistically isolated or depleted; who feel creatively stuck, listless, or lost; and/or who crave an artistic community with other writers who are also mothers.*


Week 1: Isolation 

Week 2: Overwhelm

Week 3: The Sacred & The Banal

Week 4: Ecstasy & Joy

Week 5: Embodiment

Week 6: Ambivalence

Questions? Email hello@sarahmccoll or register here


*To mother is a verb, to bring into being via creative actions that look different to each of us.